Sustainable commitment. Round the clock.

Midor is committed to sustainable work and production processes through a number of specific projects. These projects enable us to meet our sustainability targets in the fields of environment, energy efficiency and social responsibility.

Solar power installation on Midor’s roof

Since 2012, 311 photovoltaic modules with a total area of 600m2 have been in operation on the roof of the ice cream production facility. This solar panel installation generates 100,000 kWh of power annually, enough to supply 28 households with electricity for a year. The solar power generated is used in the ice cream production process.

Heat recovery in production

The first heat pump was commissioned in 2008 for the central refrigeration system in the ice cream production facility. The second entered into operation for the biscuits production facility in 2014. The waste heat from 12 screw compressors and 30 small-scale cooling units will be raised to 60°C by the heat pumps and used to heat the service water. This will enable about 3,000 MWh of natural gas and 600 tonnes of CO2 emissions to be saved each year. It will also reduce water consumption in the cooling towers by more than 2 million litres per year.

More apprenticeship positions by 2020

By 2020, Midor wants to be able to provide high-quality training in various occupational fields to 30 apprentices, five more than in 2013.

Recycling and packaging

We have reduced the height of the biscuit sachets by 2 cm, saving a large amount of plastic.

Ingenious compressed air production

We renovated our compressed air centre in 2016 to save electrical energy. We now need 25% less electricity to produce the compressed air we use for running production facilities, whipping cream or cleaning equipment, etc.

Higher proportion of recycled material with organic waste

Packaged products used to be disposed of by incineration if defects were found. Now these can be recycled and used in the production of animal feed pellets or biogas.The result is a significant reduction in rubbish of 95 tonnes a year.

Healthy eating

Our healthy products have to meet requirements regarding salt, fat, sugar and fibre content. Over 90% of Blévita and rusk recipes already meet these “gold standards”, for new products the requirements are targets. This is our contribution to a healthier diet for consumers.
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